Monday, February 11, 2008

A Haiku From Glenn

Hi! I'm Glenn... I'm so glad to contribute to my friend The Baron's blog! It's about time you started blogging, Mister! You've got quite a few tales to tell, my undead friend. Anypoo...(LOL!) when I'm not doing employee reviews, heading up the Galactic Council or "chillaxing" with Skippy, my golden retriever, I like to write Haiku. By the way, Vlad, a Haiku is a form of poetry! Look it up! (Vlad's soooo grumpy the time, especially if he hasn't eaten human flesh in a while!) So, here's one I wrote about LARPing:

Eight-level Mage skills
But you live in mom's basement
Live Action Role Play?

( come: Dating Advice from Vlad the Impaler)

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