Saturday, February 9, 2008

Le Monde Du LARPing

The Baron Recommends: LARPing. Short for Live Action Role-Playing, LARPing offers today's youth the ability to explore some of mankind's most noble -- and forgotten -- occupations. Hell, it used to be that the world's universities turned out more aspiring Mages, Dwarfs, Paladins and Thieves than doctors or lawyers!

The below video clip should emphasize the appeal of LARPing. I'm heartened by the enthusiasm of the kids in this video. But, they are rank amateurs. Where did they learn how to summon the Elemental Powers of Nature, the University of Phoenix? They call that the Art of Necromancy? Clearly, they're the product of public schools (Choate, for one, has a great Necromancy Club)! The Baron says, Leave No LARPer Behind!

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Perfect Ratio said...

For those with physical disabilities, may I recommend several noteworthy mental games sure to entertain the most noble of bloodlines: Poisoning-The-Wine-Glass, Switching-The-Wine-Glass,
Making-Peasants-Perform-Sexual-Acts-On-Their-Livestock Mentally-Raping-Plebian-Women,