Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Vigo Fixes the NBA Playoff System

Hey y'all. This is your ol' buddy Vigo (friends call me Veeg!) here to hit you with some thoughts on the fact that this season, the NBA could have some lousy-ass playoff teams. Answer me this question: who would you rather see playing the Celitcs in Round 1, a seven-games-under-.500 Nets team or Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady? (Veeg is being rhetorical and shit)

So I thought of a scheme to fix the flawed playoff system and ensure only the best teams get a crack at the title, while the mediocre ones go home. Here it is:

If at the end of the regular season any of the top eight teams in either conference has a record below .500, that team will be replaced in the playoffs by next-highest-ranked non-playoff team in the other conference, provided that that team has a record of .500 or above.

Got it?

So, for example, if the season ended today (Feb. 11), the bottom two Eastern Conference teams (Atlanta, 21-26; New Jersey, 22-29) would be replaced as the 7th and 8th seeds in the East, respectively, by ninth place Houston (30-20) and tenth place Portland (28-22). Washington (24-25) would remain as the 6th seed in the East because no other Western teams have records of .500 or above. This could create a potentially exciting last game of the season for a team that's one game below .500. We'd have to think of a name for it -- something like the ".500 Death Match" except better.

Now isn't that better?

Next week, Vigo takes on the BCS!


Steven said...

Here is my one issue with this Veeg...Let's say your system is put in place right now and the proposed scenario plays out as you have said (Houston and Portland make the Eastern Conference Playoffs as the 7th and 8th seed with Washington being the 6th seed). That would mean the #1 and #2 teams would suddenly be punished for their good regular seasons in having to play those teams rather then playing the lower quality teams. Quite an unjust outcome wouldn't you say? Then again, Veeg, you've never quite been a just man...

Baron Augustus Von Nostren, IV said...

Good point, Steven. How about you re-seed the entire conference by record if any teams from the other conference are switched over? Additionally, I will cut your beating heart out with the Dagger of Omricon the next time I see you! (LOL!)